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Benefits of Writing for Us!

You will get Exposure for your business. Getting your content published on a related website means more people will see it.

Posting your articles on widely read and respected site builds credibility for you as an individual. It is a great way to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Writing about your experiences also helps others in your area as you share what has worked for you.

Putting your articles on our site will help them rank higher in Google on targeted keyword phrases.

While submitted articles should be non-promotional in nature and quality focused, you are allowed and author bio with a maximum of 2 links back to your website.
One of these may be anchor text. You must make this clear when you submit your article. This is will drive more traffic to your site and look good to the search engines.


You must be the original author of the article. This means no PLR or outsourced articles.

Your article must not be previously published anywhere else. We keep the reader in mind and want to provide them with content, ideas, and solutions that are not available anywhere else.

Your article MUST be related to the content of this website.

Your article body must be a minimum of 300 words (this excludes the title and author bio box). We recommend that it not exceed 700 words.

Please list the keywords that you want to include at the end of the article you submit. Please also add the title tag, description and meta keywords you wish us to add into our SEO plug-in.

You must be willing to promote your own article through your social media channels and your list. We will also do the same for you.

Your article must be non-promotional in nature. You may promote yourself in the Author Bio section. You can have an author picture.

The Author Bio section should be brief, about 25 to 50 words in length, and may include a URL. Bios should be added at the end of the article.

The article must meet our quality expectations. We reserve the right to not post an article that we feel does not offer sufficient value to our readers.


How to Submit An Article

To submit an article e-mail it to submit@fasttrackyoursales.co.uk

By submitting an article, you agree to the requirements above as Terms of Service.

Best Wishes

Denise and Sharon

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