Training Staffy Pups: Effective Puppy Training Tips That Work

by admin on August 15, 2012

Training Staffy pups can be an enjoyable task when you are in the right frame of mind.  Starting early with puppy training and not caving in to bad behavior are ways to create a solid learning environment for your pet.  Because dogs are pack animals, you want to establish yourself as the pack leader.  Reward good behavior, and withhold rewards for undesired behaviors.  Your Staffy pup’s favorite treat or a few moments of love and praise will give your puppy idea of what is expected of him or her.

When you are just beginning a training program with your Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, remember to be patient and consistent.  Puppies tend to be easily excited, and can often get distracted from long training sessions.  Just a few minutes of training a couple of times a day should be adequate while your Staffy is still small.   Be quick to reinforce good behavior so that your dog will start to relate the behavior to the reward.   Minimize undesirable behaviors with no reaction as this will help your puppy understand their training better.

Toilet training is one of those things that can frustrate almost any pet owner.  Like other facets of dog training, this is one of those areas where you will need to be patient and diligent.  It is not an altogether impossible task, and when you approach the situation from your puppies point of view, you will understand that your puppy will respond better if you have a good sense of timing.  Realize that your Staffy doesn’t yet make the connection that they go to the toilet outside, not inside.  Keep a keen eye focused on your pup and if he looks like he has to go, take him outside.

Set up regular feeding schedules, and spend some time learning about crate training as these methods might be helpful in toilet training, your Staffordshire bullterrier puppy.

You want to make training staffy pups as fun as stress free as possible for both of you.  Proper dog training takes skill, time, and patience.  Realize that it doesn’t happen overnight, and you will be setting better expectations for you and your dog.  It will be easier for your dog to learn, and better for both of you to have a more positive approach.  Bonding is extremely important and beneficial to your Staffy, so let go and have fun with the training.  You will find that this also strengthens trust and the long term relationship.

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