Staffy Training Tips: Ways To Get Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier To Behave

by admin on August 15, 2012

Staffy training tips are really important as Staffordshire bull dogs can be bundles of energy when they are young.  Sometimes it is best to start training as soon as you bring him or her home.   Understanding that when your staffy is under 12 weeks old, he or she needs to become familiar with people and other animals.  Make this time a positive experience for your pup so that he builds some self-confidence, and does not take on any kind of fear.

When you want your puppy to follow a command, repetition is really important.  Try to practice your commands several times throughout the day, and alternate between praises and hugs with his or her favorite treat for the best results.  Using repetitive commands on an ongoing basis will build your dog’s confidence allowing them to remember and following your commands for life.

Discipline training for your staffy pup is crucial, and regardless of what kinds of training method you employ, speed and being consistent are important attributes to use.  Your staffy puppy will learn commands quicker if you correct his or her behavior every time they need it.  You don’t want to send your staffy mixed signals, or encourage any bad behaviors.  Positive reinforcement training is best, and should be used on a regular basis.

Toilet training your staffy is a combination of patience and perfect timing.  It is your responsibility to train your dog to go outside to use the toilet, and it’s best to employ a regular routine around feeding time so that your staffy pup doesn’t end up soiling your home unnecessarily.   After feeding your dog, create a routine where you take him or her outside to use the toilet.  Set a schedule for the morning, midday, feeding time, and evening for your staffy to ensure that there are no mistakes.

Some other useful staffy training tips include reinforcing good behavior, and looking for ways to avoid any triggers that may cause your staffy to display bad behaviors.   Your staffordshire bull terrier may need to get outside and go for a walk to get some fresh air, or maybe he is starting to experience some separation anxiety.  Pay attention to what your staffy pup is feeling and work to help him curb these behaviors in a positive way.

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