Staffordshire Bullterriers

by admin on March 2, 2012

If you type in staffordshire bull terriers into google you will see a whole range of sites, comments and opinions about this breed. As you might expect I am a raving fan.

After a number of years in the corporate world. I finally started working from home where I could have a dog.

The one for me had to be a staffy and a red one at that. It was all my sisters fault. Harley her staffy arrived in the Oyston Ellison clan over 11 years ago now. She is miss perfect. Being around her made me really appreciate what a loving ,fun and kind breed they are.

So in April 2007 Flo arrived. Pretty soon after I realised that everybody loves a puppy. Though not always a staffy. Anyway I waffle. I decided to put up this blog in praise of a wonderful breed and family pet. It would be great to hear from you. Post your staffy stories direct us or let us know any great links and I will do the same. In case you havent seen it check out the You tube video. Its over five minutes of great staffy pictures and videos

PS Have your tissues ready !

Best Wishes

Denise Red Staffy Lover

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