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by admin on March 2, 2012


I couldn’t resist this video. Especially as Flo our Staffy is red. Are you getting a new puppy? A Staffy I hope. Will it be a Brutus or a Ruby? Sign up for the free report on the & habits of good Staffy owners. I think you will enjoy it. Back to Dog names.

Well, this is really a thrilling event for the whole family, especially for the children. It is like an additional member to the family and of course giving the puppy a name is even more exciting.

So how do you find the perfect name for your puppy? Preferably, the name given should reflect the physical appearance or breed and the temperament of the puppy. Lets have a look at some of the most popular male dog names.

You may want to call the puppy with a cute name like Bambi, but you have to consider that the puppy might outgrow that name. There are not many Staffs that I know of that are called Bambi?

Though Staffordshire bull terriers might have that rowdy look, they are still notable for their capability as family dog. They are very protective to their owners and that is the main reason why they are good watchdogs and family guardians. Here are some popular male dog names for that big-tough-looking-but-loyal-and-sweet dog:

1. Max – this is the most popular male dog name. It is German in origin and means “great.”

2. Beethoven – another dog name popularized by the movie entitled with this same.

3. Buster – an English name meaning “one who breaks things”

4. Butch – another English name that means “butcher”

5. Duke – an old French name that means “leader”

6. Goliath – this name is from a character in the Bible, the giant man that David killed.

7. Hercules – this name is from a famous character in the Greek mythology that is popular for
his incomparable strength.

8. Rex – a Latin name that means “king”

9. Samson – is another popular Bible character known for his super strength. A Hebrew name
that means “his ministry.”

10. Zeus – is the father of all gods in the Greek Mythology. He is also the father of Hercules.

At the end of the day puppies are special and part of a family. Ours is called Flo!! after my Mum. I think she would have been delighted,

Take Care and have a great week.

Leave us a comment and let us take a poll on the most popular names for Staffy puppies.

Best Wishes

Denise x

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