Natural Remedies to Rid Your Dog of Ticks and Fleas do they work ?

by admin on March 2, 2012

Ticks and fleas are an annoyance for your Staffordshire bull terrier and for you, not to mention they can cause health problems.

In my experience the short haired dogs seem to suffer all the more. Especially our beloved staffs who are so close to the ground.I don’t know.

I am a beliver in natural remedies, though I am testing out a certain product of “fronline” at the moment.

This in theory stops ticks from attaching in the first place. Watch this space I will let you know how it goes. I live in the UK in a beautiful area just outside the lake district where ticks are rife.

There are many different powders, lotions, drops and sprays out there, but with their chemical-based formulas, they could be harmful to the pet’s health or to yours.

Don’t worry – those powders and sprays aren’t your only means of defense against these tiny tyrants. You can fight them off with natural remedies that are safe for everyone and can be effective for your dog.

Have a look at your local pet store. They offer many different products for your dog in regards to flea and tick care that are made from all natural ingredients. They have no chemicals that could be unsafe for your pets or family, but they have ingredients that are very effective in getting rid of the pain in the neck pests.

They have powders and sprays with no harmful chemicals. You can find shampoos and special flea brushes to remove them from our dog’s coat. There are some treatments that you can apply directly to the dog’s skin that won’t harm the dog in any way, but will kill the fleas.

I am sure you do and in the increasing hot weather Keep your dog and your home clean. Bath your staffy dog no more than a couple of times a month max ( According to my vet lots of staffys have allergy reactions so be careful and kind to them)

Better to wash the bedding at least once a week – I am sure you do anyway.

Fleas and ticks thrive in warm, humid areas and they will lay their eggs in these places, so it’s best to vacuum these areas often.
You can use products like borax or some dry powdered laundry detergents to sprinkle on the carpets to let sit for a few minutes.

This kills the fleas and their eggs, so you can vacuum them up and be rid of them. Make sure your pets and any children aren’t around when you do it. They’re not known to be harmful, but it’s always best to be safe.

There are some homemade treatments that many pet owners claim to work very well. It’s advised to consult your veterinarian to make sure these treatments really are safe.

Garlic and brewer’s yeast have been reported as an effective treatment for killing and preventing fleas on your dogs. Please use these treatments with caution. It’s also very important that you keep your lawn mowed and keep any foliage within the garden trimmed back, so the fleas have a tougher time getting to your dog.

If you take all of the preventative measures possible, you can eliminate the need for chemical-based treatments that could be harmful for your dog. Along with that, use environmentally safe products and your dog will be much healthier.

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